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[Notion 101] - FREE Ecommerce Business Template

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Ecommerce Business Template is:

✅ → It’s made for small e-commerce business owners who want to manage their entire business from one place.

✅ → When you are at the beginning of your e-commerce business journey your time and productivity are really important.

✅ → For you to feel good and use the time in the right direction, you must have a system that helps you move forward not backward.

✅ → With this kit, you can manage your entire online business from one place and feel in control of having the right system.

Inside the template...

✅ → Business

When you run a business, it's vital to always stay true to yourself.

Identify your business goals and get to know the customers' needs. When you feel lost, come back and adjust them a little.

✅ → Brand

There is more in branding than just having a logo. You need to position yourself and clarify your visual communication to keep your brand solid and linear.

✅ → Customers

Understanding your customer needs must be at the center of your eCommerce business. Once you have this knowledge you can deliver better results and a better experience for your existing and potential customers.

✅ → Progression

You and your business must always progress forward no matter what. That's why you need to set reachable goals and reflect on your progress to maximize your improvement.

✅ → Shop

It's the place where all your eCommerce business happens. Track your orders, customers, manage your inventory and refunds.

✅ → Work

Keep your mind clear while having all ideas, tasks, and notes on your notion system.

✅ → Marketing

Generating traffic must be your most priority. After all, it's what generates your business sales. Make sure you have a good marketing strategy and keep your posts and campaign running all the time.

✅ → Finances

Doing finances is never fun. But it's a must-do thing if we want to keep track of everything. All your income and expenses data are in sync.

✅ → Learning

Every business owners need to keep learning. For that reason, you can find here the most important tips, tools, and definitions regarding eCommerce business.

✅ → Other

It's always good to have a place for managing all your templates and external links. So you could always find them where you've left them and take what's important for when you need them.

Come to get your now!

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FREE Ecommerce Business Template

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[Notion 101] - FREE Ecommerce Business Template

0 ratings
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