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Building good habits can complete your life more meaningful: **Habit Tracker template makes tracking your daily habits effortless,** tracking is much more easier now!

Auto Habits enables you to track up to 7 habits in Notion.

This template is not set up for habits you do less than once per day (every other day, once a week, etc.) but you can still track them with this template. This template also requires a little bit of set up (2 simple steps) to get the trackers aligned with your habits.

Once you're done with the 2-step setup, all that's left is to ✔ your habits off each day!

What you will get from this template: 

✅ → Today Habit This is a simple view of your habits in a table format. Mark your habits complete by checking off their corresponding boxes.

✅ → Habit Calendar A monthly calendar view of your habits.

✅ → Habit tips A column dedicated to motivating yourself to complete your habits each time you open the page.

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FREE Habit Tracker Template

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