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[Notion 101 - PREMIUM] [FIRST 15 FOR FREE] - Build Own Stock Portfolio Watchlist Template

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Build Own Stock Portfolio Watchlist Template is:

✅ → Have you ever wanted to have up to date prices of your investment assets in Notion? Or maybe a chart that is synchronized with your data?

✅ → If yes, then your are in the right place. If no, but you are still curious about how to keep your Notions databases in sync with Google Sheets, create charts and use Sheets formulas with your data, then you are welcome to continue reading.

What you need:

  1. Google Sheet
  2. install Notion2sheets add-on(it will appear at your right side of google sheets means that you are successfully installed)
  3. Notion Template - Duplicate this template!

Inside the template...

✅ → Stock Portfolio

Quick view of your stock portfolio table which contains stock details such as current price, unit hold, total investment price

✅ → Stock Database

Using Notion2Sheets which can helping you sync the column from excel to notion, which means you will have the REAL TIME stock price according to your excel stock function

Addition Bonus - Visualize your stock portfolio in chart form
Create chart and embed in Notion so you will have a visualize stock portfolio chart!

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Build Own Stock Portfolio Watchlist Template

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