[Notion 101] - FREE Cooking Recipe Template

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Calling thee cook lovers!

Here is the last search for you to store your yummy recipe!

✅ → This template build for create and store the secret delicious recipe in Notion!

Inside the template...

✅ → ✓ you can save the recipe in any form in the provided template tables

✅ → ✓ You could also rating out by 5 ⭐!

✅ → ✓ Share out the photo with your family and you can give the suggestion to build your own cooking recipe

✅ → ✓ Not only for saving others recipe, you can build your own too!

✅ → ✓ Saw the nice recipe on Social Media, blog or Pinterest? You can saved at here with any form of type, video, podcast, text or even images!

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FREE Cooking Recipe Template

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