[Notion 101] - FREE I-Notes Template

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[Notion 101] - FREE I-Notes Template

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Taking notes isn't just for students—record, review, and master your knowledge.

I-Notes helps you take notes to collect knowledge and keep it at the front of your mind.

I-Notes is:

✅ → structures and categorizes your note-taking process. Whether you're a university student, a knowledge worker, or a life-long learner, Smart Notes will help you on your journey.

✅ → A simple spaced repetition system is built into Smart Notes to help cement your knowledge. When you take notes, it's essential to review them regularly to keep the details sharp.

Inside the template...

✅ → Create your subjects

These can either be specific course names if you're a university student or any area of knowledge you're looking to explore. Create a new card in the Subjects gallery, name it, and select the "Subject/Course" template.

✅ → Create your notes

You can take notes on anything. In fact, you should take notes on most things you read or watch with the intent to learn.

1. Create a new note

2. Select a subject and fill in the applicable details

3. Select a template from the options at the bottom, or just start typing on a blank page.

- Each note-taking template has a short explanation of how and when to use it. Select the template that best fits your material.

4. Start taking notes!

✅ → 3. Set up your note reviews

Reviewing your notes is almost as important as taking them. Smart Notes gives you two ways to set up note reviews. Through spaced repetition, you will review your notes over time until their contents are established in your mind. You'll be ready to recall the info at any time!

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