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i-Portfolio is:

✅ → Keep your personal Resume / CV / portfolio up to date with a modern template crafted for modern work.

✅ →  i-Portfolio showcases your best work. Share your link with potential employers or clients and let your portfolio/resume speak for you.

Inside the template...

✅ → Gather all of your projects (work and personal) and their important details

Make note of your tangible impact (data, numbers, etc.)

- Gather everything you've done related to your work.

- Put together a detailed list of your skills and attributes

✅ → Fill in your details

Take the best work you've done and use it to fill out the details of your portfolio/resume. Don't forget to be yourself! It's your resume after all.

Make sure your writings  speaks directly to the employer and why you are a good fit for the role you're applying for. Even though the resume is yours, it's really for showing them what they want to see.

Come to get your now!

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FREE i-Portfolio Template

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